Up a Notch

From the office bathroom, as usual. I know you can't really see the belt action; my photography skillz are uh, marginal.
My old clothes, as I have mentioned, are starting to have more appeal, now that I can comfortably wear them. I lamented last week on Pinterest that I feel like a lot of my clothes are basic garanimals; BORING basics. After obsessively combing this awesome chick's website, I realized I just need more accessories; not new clothes. So today's look is my first effort at well, putting a bit more effort into my outfit.  I bought a few pencil skirts from J. Crew two years ago and well, they're huge now, but that's OK. I thought about having them taken in, but as I hope to be pregnant within the next few months, that seems like a waste of money. With a tip I learned from Susan Wagner, I put on a skinny belt and accessorized to make my outfit look a bit more pulled together.  I feel SUPER cute, and there's something about feeling cute for work that makes me feel so badass and ready to take on whatever comes for the day. And that's really something, considering I didn't spend a dime for today's look. 


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