Things That Went Right

I'm writing this in hopes I can reframe my less than stellar week in eating. It was a horrendous week; I texted my friend tonight and said I feel like I got punched in the face every damn day this week. Not surprisingly, there was more than a few peanut butter incidents. Trying to figure out how to not have that in the house and continue to respect it as a trigger. Might involve literally throwing it away. 

So. Things that went right:

  • Stayed on track despite traveling/stress/crazy schedules/hotel breakfast food (yuck)/being overtired, etc.
  • Realized where I could have done better Monday and did better Tuesday, Wednesday and today. YAY! 
  • Split my meals into mini-meals (that's our goal this week and next) and incorporated more vegetables.
  • Slowed down my eating and stopped when I was 80% full, sometimes. More than I would have normally. :) 
  • Took the time to make all of my meals and pack them for work so I wouldn't have to spend money on them.
Maybe tomorrow or on the weekend I'll write a post about where I can do better next week, but for this week I'm taking these things as victories. I'm working from home tomorrow for a few hours, then Pete and I are heading to Napa so I can return a craaazily sized sweater to the J.Crew outlet. We might have lunch and smooch too.