1. I can confidentally tell you it has taken me all damn week to get over my sugar/booze binge from Saturday. ALL WEEK, people. 
  2. Round trip tickets to East Coast for 20 year high school reunion are $500 each. FML. 
  3. Pete got a check from the a-hole biz partners for 25% of what they owe. We are proceeding with suing the pants off those guys. Minus the pants off part, since god knows no one needs to see that. 
  4. Still, $6K is good. We're scared to spend any of it, because we don't want to say that's acceptable. But with the cost of #2, and our bill for legal fees this month and THERE GOES THE MONEY! 
  5. Also, talked with our financial adviser and we have access to our principle for our Roth IRA to pay off debt. Freaking yes. Waiting on the paperwork and they'll cut us a check. BOOM: bye bye debt. Then we'll re-pay it when Pete gets a job. 
  6. Ate TJs chicken sausage before realizing there's goddamn cane sugar in them. Son of a bitch. I immediately got worried about re-setting my Whole 30 and WHAT ABOUT THE RULES but then I realized I probably won't be eating sugar past 30 days anyway. Because well, just because. So, who cares. Having the answer be no, as I have said time and time again, when I try to rationalize a cookie or maybe 5-700 spoonfuls of peanut butter, is just way easier. Wayyyyyy easier. The answer is no. Those are my self-soothing foods anyway, as I've rambled on about time and time again as well, so it's best I just don't include those anymore. 
  7. Wearing my goal jeans today, COMFORTABLY. I have worn them in the past and wanted to die as they were squishing my internal organs. I'm wearing them today and they're comfy(er), though I still dream of leggings all day long. 
  8. Went to the preschool picnic as a solo parent last night; got hit on, met some cool parents. I told Pete I got hit on (it was subtle - lots of staring and SO NICE TO MEET YOU 500) and he was all, awww yeah. This is why I love Pete. Not threatened; all proud. So funny. I wasn't uncomfortable or anything, though I do think I'll avoid chatting with that particular dad from here on out. The cool parents want to do playdates and the overwhelming consensus is that Lucia is a complete sweetheart. Which is really wonderful to hear, but I tend to lean in the opposite direction of gloating and living vicariously through her. Meaning, that is totally awesome! And we agree! But it's hard for me to get all gloaty; we provide a loving environment for her and she's her own person. I don't feel like I can take all the credit with that stuff. It's hers. 
  9. Solo parent last night bc Pete was meeting with a headhunter. Lots of promising stuff out there and we are hopeful.