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(Pardon the vapid topic, but seriously, today kicked my ass. Pete is in the process of severing ties with his business partners [can you say showdown?] so we've been basically in a war room situation all day and on top of that, I was bullied at work today but this horrible woman. Put a fork in me, I'm done)

Allow me to ramble...

About 2 years ago, I decided to eff it and finally buy those liters of Aveda shampoo and conditioner I had been coveting since oh, 1995. I was having consistently good hair days and although the price of the conditioner alone was faint-worthy, I felt like since the liter lasted me a whole year, it wasn't that big of a deal. But since January, I've showered everyday at the gym post-workout and there's no way I'm lugging travel bottles back and forth. Plus, the Aveda damage remedy stuff is way too heavy for every day. So I needed something to work through the snarls and provide *some moisture, and definitely more than the gym-issued stuff. My coworker gave me a sample of the Wen almond-mint intensive treatment that fit handily in my gym bag and it was the SHIZ. But I soon ran out and looked up the price online to replace it and didn't want to spend that much. I thought about the Wen-like stuff from Sally Beauty supply but we don't have a non-ghetto store here, so that's out. Plus I heard mixed reviews on it. But then I stopped using any conditioner, and just let my ahem, natural oils moisturize my hair (plus the Aveda shampoo from time to time). And I ran out of the Aveda shampoo, and thought, I wonder if I get a slightly more drying shampoo, could I pair it with my extremely lazy natural routine of basically doing nothing to my hair. 

You may recall I've tried the organic/natural stuff before; it was fairly disastrous. My hairdresser was like, what the hell dude?? So I was leery about trying it again. But I've tried this brand's bodywash, and it's pretty rad. So I checked out that shampoo, and to my delight, they had a new one with coconut oil, which if you haven't heard, is all the rage. While I find it terribly disgusting to eat (as in top 5 worst foods ever), the Trader Joe's coconut oil is about the greatest shaving cream ever. 

So I got the coconut oil shampoo; a whole liter for $10. And, well, it's awesome. Thumbs up! My hair felt a wee dry afterwards, but it typically feels on the dry side when I wash anyway (which is something like every 7-10 days). What's more exciting? Lucia's hair is exactly like mine, only we don't rinse & comb or recondition every day, so it's like dreadlocks in 2 days. So we've started brushing it out, which in the past has made it puffy. Pete used this stuff on her, and dude, her hair looks all Golden Retriever silky and shiny. Crazyiness. Yes, I just compared my child to a Golden Retriever. Yep, I did.

I can't wait to use up the rest of this Aveda (estimated 2013) and get the matching conditioner. 


  1. I just bought this shampoo and conditioner (on a whim) and I'm searching all over the Internet for a review and I ended up on your blog. I'm looking forward to using this product, but I'm leery that it made your hair a bit dry. I wash my hair about once a week and I don't need it to be any drier! Maybe the conditioner will help. I do like using coconut oil as a hair moisturizer, so I'm hoping this has the same effect.

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I purchased the Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Shampoo AND Conditioner. BIGGEST MISTAKE. I had a hair disaster. I've only used it 3 times before finally deciding to return it. I have dry hair and since it said 'Normal to Dry hair', I gave it a go. The shampoo smelled nice and had the smooth consistency of honey. Okay, now the bad part. After shampooing and rinsing, the shampoo had left a waxy, dirty residue on my hair. So I thought the conditioner would save the day. WRONG. The conditioner smelt nice, had a nice slip but once it was on my head, it felt rough. I was struggling distributing this conditioner in my hair. It took about 10 pumps to decently coat my entire head to feel the slightest bit conditioned. I left it on for 60 seconds like the instructions state. After rinsing, it's made my hair WORSE. In fact, my hair felt like a waxy plastic. I have very long wavy, thick hair and I could sculpt it sticking all the way up. That's how waxy it left my hair. I waited and let it dry. After air drying for a couple hours, my hair felt as if it has a great amount of gel, hairspray and mousse on it; very stiff and no bounce. The next day, I decided I wanted to save it. I dislike wasting product so I did a hot oil treatment in my hair and I shampooed/conditioned. It's made my hair feel even worse than when I tried it the first time! I decided to save it AGAIN but adding a light oil to the conditioner on the next wash day. Same thing happened. I've given up hope for this product. I ended up washing my hair out with my mother's Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo & Conditioner that was in the shower. I then used Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle to finally bring my hair back to normal. Thank the Lord. I've added coconut and olive oil to my hair and scalp to help my hair as it recovers.
    NEVER AGAIN will I purchase Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. If there is something I did wrong, I'd like to know your input. I tried to save it. I even used the conditioner as a leave it but it would leave a residue on your hands that took me two days to wash off and it left it on my hair too. It smelt like coconuts but very a very subtle fermented coconut scent. I was very disappointed.
    I am returning this product and getting my money back. It may work for others but it definitely did not work for me.

    1. I too made this mistake with Everyday Coconut. I am trying to get pregnant and wanted to go chemical free in my shampoo. Many rinse and repeats later, I had dirtier hair than before I washed and my husband said my head "smelled".
      Ew, I am ready for a fight at the grocery store without a receipt, I never stopped to think I'd be returning shampoo!

      Off to write a nice note to the company.
      nicole, Philadelphia

    2. Anonymous5:02 AM

      Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your state of mind, everyone has different hair. Of course is isn't just hair, it also comes down the body chemistry. Think of how the same perfume can smell wildly different depending on who is wearing it.
      I've seen some people who reacted badly to the protein in coconut products, and some people who the pH in the lauryl glucoside is a bit out of their bodies comfort level (though you could try adding a drop or two of lemon juice when you wash if the pH is the problem.)

      Personally, I have the Everyday Coconut shampoo and my hair is very soft, not at all oily whatsoever, it isn't dry and I've been complimented on the smell. My normal hair runs just slightly oily, but I also don't wash it daily.

      For whatever reason, my hair just loves coconut ..water..oil...whatever it can get its..(strands?) into.

      I rarely look at reviews of shampoos, and just try to generally trust what I know about my hair instead. There is just too much human variation to really give any sort of accurate review beyond 'it works for some, doesn't work for others'


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