Operation Freaking The Eff Out

So. Let's Review our current financial situation:
  1. Dickhead partners owe Pete $24,000. 
  2. Credit cards racked up to pay for uterus.
  3. Expecting humongous tax refund to cover item 2.
Found out today: no tax refund. We figured with all of Pete's business expenses and my withholding, which I discovered today that um, apparently I changed last year (FML x1000), we'd have a gigantic tax return. Nope. We owe $1100 in federal and are getting back $675 in state; therefore we owe around $500. That's right. Kill me now. 

I'm freaking out. Freaking out freaking out freaking out. There was a time when having debt was like no big deal and I could just pretend it didn't bother me and I'd get to it *someday.* As I am now a grown up, I CANNOT HANDLE the pressure of debt. When we spent the money, we were under the impression (because we have a signed contract) that we had a lump sum of money coming in. When that appeared to dry up recently, we thought oh well, I guess we'll just use the tax refund and then sigh, get to our savings later. (Side note: we really want to move back to our old neighborhood, as several scary things have happened in Oakland and well, we're tired of living far away from our friends in a safe community. But we can't do that until we have steady income coming in and/or get to saving money) 

So. We've created a very realistic budget spreadsheet and have marked up ways to save money while we're paying down debt. This includes, and it's something I've thought about for a long time, but more and more as we constantly try to clean up around the apartment and there are CLOTHES EVERYWHERE, is a spending freeze for me on clothing. No more $10 shirts from Target. Related: I am going to Target, however, for hangers tonight and plan on organizing my closet accordingly so that I can see 1. how much stuff I have 2. color coded so I can find stuff and 3. organized so I can put it away easier. I've tried to keep spending down, but as I get slimmer, I can fit into more and more older clothes, so yay.

We've cut out eating out/food budget in half, which is a huge deal (proud!). The Toyota is paid off this month, and we're making progress on other things. We had hoped to employ the Dave Ramsey 7 baby steps, but we're not quite there yet. The interest on one of our debts literally keeps me awake at night. Our goal is to move as much spare money to pay that down as fast as possible, then move onto the credit card that'st at 0% interest. We have to hustle or we'll have to pay interest on that. Gahhhhhhhhhh. 

I can do this. We can do this. Something I have worked really hard on lately is telling Pete exactly what I need when I'm freaking out, and told I told him I was rocking back and forth in my cube stressed out and I needed some reassurance that we were in this together and we could do this. Of course, he said. We've got this. We'll develop a plan and get outta this mess. 


  1. It happens. Make a plan (which you're already doing - check), start implementing, and you'll feel better. Congrats on paying off the car, btw - no small feat. One step at a time....

    1. Thank you, friend. I'm trying to breathe through it and just put one foot in front of the other. :)

    2. Also. Also. ...Big congrats on getting into those OTHER clothes in the wardrobe. That's huge. And I think when you get everything organized you'll be amazed at your whole new trousseau. :)

    3. Thanks mama!! I'm pretty psyched!


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