Old Clothes

Maybe ridiculous that this feels like an accomplishment or at least step in the right direction, but here goes. Behold my pants from 2001 and sweater from 2005. I adore this sweater and have been waiting for the day I can wear it again; I tried it 3 weeks ago and it was still a wee tight. So yay! The pants were wayyy back in the day, my thermometer jeans to tell me how I was doing in weight loss. When these fit, I knew I was doing OK. I was psyched to put these on today to see they fit. 

I'm less freaky-outy today. After the shame spiral ensued yesterday, where I questioned every single purchase I had made in the past 6 months, I took the time to really reflect the true shitty-ness of the whole thing. We'll be fine; it'll be fine and we'll be fine. It just sucks.