Movies and Breakfast

Going out for breakfast is one of my all-time favorite activities to do. I LOVE breakfast foods and the ritual of sharing a great meal, leisurely plotting the day's activities and fueling up on coffee. I love every part of it; the menu, the sounds, the smells, but most of all, the ritual of eating breakfast out on the weekends. I know it's one of the ways I fell in love with California; I'd come see Mary and David and they share my love of breakfast outings, and I dunno, between the sun and the savory and sweet and company and coffee, I was smitten. I adore going out for breakfast. 

So I was really surprised a few weekends when we skipped church a few weekends ago and opted to go out for breakfast instead. We walked to the place around the corner; they have an adorable patio (but unfortunately it was too cold that morning for that). We got a coveted window table though, and I was super excited. I noticed Pete was super surly though. Excitedly, I asked him, so what are you going to order? There was so much possibility! Excited!! Breakfast!! Out!! 

I don't know, he grumbled. I asked what was wrong; he shrugged and said there wasn't much on the menu for him to eat (he's allergic to raw egg, but in general doesn't eat eggs). I suggested no less than eight options, and he said, I don't know, I guess I just don't like going out for breakfast. I expressed my disappointment and breakfast ended up being fine, but it definitely bummed me out. How could I be married to someone who doesn't like going out for breakfast? What the hell?

Fast forward to last night. Pete is constantly bugging me to watch movies with him. I pretty much despise watching movies, unless it's gets incredible reviews, i.e. Bridesmaids. If you name a movie, there's a 99% chance I have not seen it. I cannot sit still to watch them. But Pete asked me if we could watch a movie, and I said fine, yes. I will watch a movie with you. Fine. He chose Grand Canyon, which unbeknownst to me, was produced in 1991. It was terrible. I ended up checking Facebook/Twitter/texting throughout it, because I was bored. I was a pain but I don't think I totally ruined it for him (ahem the movie did that on its own, he said so himself). 

Tonight as I watched a sitcom while texting, Pete asked me why I was doing both. I dunno, I said. This is why I have a hard time sitting still with movies. He said he was bummed out about that. Then it dawned on me; movies for me = going out for breakfast for Pete. Oh god. Terribleness. 

It's weird when you marry someone how you think you'll just mesh on everything and those things that you'll really disagree about won't matter. These two things happen to matter a lot to both of us, but I dunno. I guess I see things from his perspective now; he's more than happy to just watch a movie solely for entertainment. I am thrilled to go out to eat, even if it's the same thing I can cook at home, solely for the ritual of it. But I can't make him love going out for breakfast and he can't make me love watching movies, so I guess here we are. Marriage is weird sometimes.


  1. Melissa6:22 AM

    Interesting...I, too, cannot stand sitting still in general and so movies are out for me (flying is bad, too, for the same reason). I have to be doing something else while we watch at home. (rarely go out to a movie). My husband had to get over me not paying 100% attention. However, I'm also not a "going out to breakfast" person. Not exactly sure why. I like the idea of it, I like breakfast food and coffee but it always makes me a little grumpy and depressed to go out for breakfast...hmm...something else to ponder...I'm down with lunch and dinner, though! Weird.

    1. So funny about your breakfast aversion too! :) I try really hard to pay attention to movies, but that one was so so bad.


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