Limping Along

I'm hungover today. Likely from the 2/3 pint of lemon sorbet, a larabar and some chocolate I had yesterday after a long hike in the heat. Or the two glasses of wine from date night last night. This always happens, it seems like. I stretch my indulgences out to 1-2 days a week and the day after I feel HORRID physically and worse -- so, so much worse-- I feel super anxious and down. Gah. Pete and I talked a lot about this in Norway at Christmas; we indulged much more and I just didn't feel right. I felt off and just really down. It's hard to deny the obvious: when I eat shitty I feel shitty. End of story. Plus, since I've allowed myself that stuff weekly, I can't stop thinking about chocolate and goodies and the next time I'll eat them.

So I'm starting a Whole 30 tomorrow. It doesn't matter that I'm doing LE; in fact it makes all the more sense as both programs emphasis protein and vegetables. I'm tired of having the sugar monkey on my back (again).