Good News/Bad News

Good news!! 

  • Reached my pre-Lucia pregnancy weight of 136 yesterday. Yes I did. Despite all the peanut butter and stress this week, I managed to lose nearly 2 lbs this week. Freaking yes. 
Bad news
  • Not pregnant. We got the green light, as you know, post-hysteroscopy, which happened to be the day I was ovulating. So. Doc said to go for it the next day. We did. I took a test today; expecting my period tomorrow, it was negative. I'm pretty sure that's accurate given I'm really regular and my cycle is often 27 days. As soon as I get my period, I'll start using the Ovulator 3000. I'll write more about that mañana.
  • Not being pregnant means I can focus another month on shrinking, getting in great shape and working on better eating habits. That ain't bad, folks. 
  • Pete's business partners have failed to pay him for 3 months and now owe him close to $25K. They are in breach of contract and expected to meet with Pete's attorney tomorrow, but they might not show. Dammit. 
  • Had friends over for lunch today; I typically get super anxious around this woman, but today I didn't! I told Pete ahead of time, "If you see me getting nuts, remind me to stay with myself and to just relax. Today I'm going to be true to myself." And I did!! Huge HYOOOOOOGE DEAL over here. As a result, I didn't stress eat and really enjoyed lunch and our time with them. I felt myself getting nervous and brought myself back home, if that makes sense. 

Just realized I don't have another bad thing to put up here, and for that, I am very grateful. Life is good, you guys. Life is great, actually.