Because my brain is totally fried. Tons of writing and editing for work, along with way too many things going on, including:

  • Investigating "hardship withdrawal" from my 401(k) to pay for my gold-plated uterus. 10% penalty > 16% APR on the credit card, yo. Plus, paying off debt means I'll be able to sleep at night. 
  • Related: Pete told me last night that during one of the hysteroscopies, he could see the underside of my C-section scar. This blew my mind for some reason. He's seen both sides. The scar across my belly is evidenced inside my body. It's weird to think about that way. I don't know why, it just is. Plus we discussed how my uterus was the size of a watermelon at the time of the C-section and now it's the size of my hand, what does that mean for scar shrinkage? So weird. 
  • Pete's biz partners issued a check for partial payment in Feb but told him not to cash it; we're now going to try to cash it, at the advice of the attorney who said any judge would throw out the case if Pete didn't at least try to cash it. Our bank has a hold on it and will try to deposit it in 2 portions. Crossed fingers, but we're not optimistic, since the attorney gave these guys a heads up that it would be cashed today.
  • Freaking body fat analysis: as part of my Lean Eating program, I have to have this measured quarterly. Tomorrow's the day; and it's been scheduled for months with my former trainer but all of the sudden he's trying to gouge me. When he measured it in January I'm positive it was WRONG, as I know it hadn't changed on the Tanita and my weight hadn't changed. My body fat, in the past, when I would be "starting over" was around 33%. We've discussed it before. He said it was 28%. There was no way in hell it was 28%, as even when I've weighed hello, 20 lbs lighter than I was in January, it was not 28%. He charged me $40 to take it and my measurements. I texted him the other night to ask the cost and said I didn't need measurements: he said $50. I said eff that, I'll find someone to do it for cheaper. I'll also be taking it on the Tanita tomorrow and bikini pictures. I bought a tacky Victoria's Secret bikini (again) for $15 or something and have been taking pictures monthly with me in it, which are uploaded to my LE page for my coach to review. 
  • Going to a party tomorrow at our friend's house in an unfortunately dodgy neighborhood; then another party at our friend's nicey house for a BBQ Sunday. It's good to have friends.