As part of Lucia's evaluation today, I was all ready for them to break it to us that we were doing a horrible job and we had some massive blind spots because hello, couldn't we see that she was deficient in X X and X? I was ready. I felt myself get defensive and want to rush to explain things, despite it being an extremely positive evaluation. 

I do think the food journaling has brought out my inner critic; ready to take the red corrector pen to life and figure out WHAT'S WRONG. Rather than look at my food journals and be psyched with all that's right, my own history and well, unresolved stuff has me skewing things. I emailed my coach about this habit and said HALP; she said sit back and take inventory of the things that are going right and freaking wave those pom-poms, cause I am kicking ass. 

But I can't seem to get there mentally. Something is amiss. Maybe it's babymaking this weekend. Maybe it's food journaling. Maybe it's work stuff. I don't know. Lately it seems like when this stuff happens, when I'm in the weeds emotionally and unable to find my way out, there's typically a bigger issue I can't seem to get my head around. Uh, literally. So my goal is to take care of myself in the next few days; get extra sleep, get my workouts in, avoid sugar as much as possible, etc. etc. etc. and wait for whatever it is to surface.