Briefing Points

Here are today's briefing points:

1. Screwed up my latisimus dorsi, i.e. my back. Those two words together still make me giggle; in the late 80s/early 90s my sister and I would do the Firm with Janet Jones (before she was Janet Jones Gretzky) and at one point Janet would say, LATISIMUS DORSI all super sexy. My sister and I would mimic her constantly. I miss my sister. Unrelated: am not working out today as a result. I'm foam rolling it for the zillionth time and taking advil. Please let it heal on its own quickly.

2. Dropped Penzey's pizza spice, which bee tee dubs is fantastic on pork chops, on my toe today; am pretty sure I broke the tip of it. Eff. It's the ring toe (is there such a thing?) next to the pinky, so it's of minimal use anyway, but has hurt more and more throughout the day as I've hobbled on heels. (Dumb). 

3. Check from shitty business partners bounced. Predictably, but man that sucks. 

4. Due to errors found on our tax return, we are now getting $47 back instead of owing. That'll cover one dinner out for us (non-Chipotle). Whee!

5. Source of anxiety determined: felt judged by shitty girls this weekend and food journaling, for whatever reason, really brings out the judgy in me. I'm not alone; tons of other participants are saying the exact same thing.