Ye Olde Uterus Update

Self-deprecating humor is where I go to defuse stressful situations and yes, I’m getting a wee worried about my age and conception and baby and ohmygod I have so much gray hair and wrinkles. BUT! Here is the deal. After Dr. Wonderful and I parted ways, I went to see a specialist kinda nearby (an hour drive). There are basically three docs in the US who treat Asherman’s that are extremely well known and well regarded; one of them happens to be located near me. Living near a major metropolitan area does have its perks, yo.

Our first consultation was in November, and he said yep, you’re about 60% scarred but we can fix it and it’s going to be a long journey. Hoo boy, he wasn’t kidding. I had my first surgery Nov. 16, and was completely knocked out for it (in an actual hospital-type of place). Since then I’ve had to go back at least every 2 weeks, and sometimes every week, for either a checkup or a cervical dilation (as fun as it sounds!!) or another hysteroscopy. Most women, he has told me, have 2-3 hysteroscopies with microscissors to have a completely clear uterus. Am I like most women? OF COURSE NOT. Good god. So for slightly more than the cost of a brand-new Honda Civic (it's out of network), and SEVEN hysteroscopies with microscissors we are nearing the finish line in terms of clarity and being scar free. 1. This is pretty incredible! but 2. it's been so very hard, like gut-wrenchingly emotional roller coastery and 3. we were told after hysteroscopy 3 that #4 would be the last, so we're a little leery of doing the Happy Dance just yet. I have stopped taking the estrogen (more on that later) and am happy that my boobs have deflated, along with being terrified of the side effects of prolonged estrogen usage. Phew.

I will say that it's helpful to know the reason why all this happened: TMI ALERT: there was residual tissue from my first miscarriage that never left my uterus. I remember going for the ultrasound afterwards and she said there was something but it would come out with my next period. Do you remember this? And then my period didn't come back for like, ever? Right. That's because that "nugget" as we'll call it, was wreaking havoc on my uterus. Creating tons of scar tissue. Which was the reason for miscarriage 2 and 3. When the specialist went in in November, he said my uterus was full of "junk." Meaning, tons of retained products of conception. So. We now know why it took me so long to conceive the third time. For some women’s cases, they were caused my a misguided D&C (after a miscarriage) that damaged the endometrium. In some ways I’m thankful I don’t have a finger to point; but then again in some ways it’s harder to just accept that it was a sucky thing that happened.

Once we are done with the hysteroscopies, with any luck (INSERT CROSSED FINGERS, PRAYERS, HEALING STONES, ETC. ETC. ETC.), we can try to conceive the month following. We are hopeful that since 3 out of my 4 pregnancies have been oopsies! that that process will be easy. Please God let something be easy with all this!

 I go back in on March 26 at 2:30. I always take vicodin and 600-800mg of ibuprofen and have experimented with taking other stuff to knock me out more. These last two hysteroscopies have been so very painful so I’ve taken halcyon, which makes me so sleepy and have amnesia. Which makes these more bearable.

So please say a prayer, wouldya? Let's hope this is the last time.


  1. I'll be praying for you, kiddo. You are one tough chick.

  2. Thanks Julie. :D

  3. What a long process- I really hope the best for you.

  4. Thanks Jen! Appreciate that.


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