Thoughtful posts

I subscribe to a huge number of blogs through Google Reader. I have folder for people I know or my favorite blogs, called My Homies, Funny Peeps for the blogs that I find super entertaining, a zillion Paleo blogs, etc. etc. My Living Authentically folder, however, has been the most thought-provoking this week. Some of those posts are below. Enjoy.

  • The author of Paleo Comfort Foods recently experienced a miscarriage and noticed she was self-soothing with carbs and sugar. Sounds just like someone I know.
  • Medicinal Marzipan so often nails exactly what is going on in my head. This post is one of those times. 
  • Christine also seemed to have a peek inside my brain with the writing of this post. I'm working hard at shifting my perspective as our habit to learn this week in Lean Eating is eating less carbs. Old HL is all CHICKEN AND LETTUCE FTW! But I know that's not sustainable, so I'm trying to get my head in a good place so I don't feel deprived and accomplish my goals of eating less carbs.
  • This post talks about some of the work we've been doing with Lucia and I'm working on treating myself with as much kindness. As my anxiety ramps up in anticipation of Monday, the best thing I can do is acknowledge it and treat myself kindly instead of trying to outrun it or pretend it's not happening. Good stuff.