I hugged Pete yesterday and realized the dark cloud that's been following me around for the past 6 months; the unknowing, the please hold that particular part of your life, is gone. Its gone. We can move forward. As hard as dealing with Asherman's has been, it has brought Pete and I so much closer together. Shitty times will do that. I've also grown a lot in getting super specific about my needs and how I comfort myself, i.e. how I process things, what feels good and how -- surprisingly -- what I needed often shifted hour to hour. I don't know if I could say I'd do it again, but I do see how it has been good for me and deepened the connection I have with Pete. 

I had some other stuff to say about it, but I can't remember. We are enormously relieved. 


  1. Give yourself and Pete more credit for being so dedicated to each other, your growing family & yourselves. Shitty times will also tear people apart. You two seem to have really worked through a lot and got to the other side. Heather, you have been dealing with so much with the Asherman's and the miscarriages (& Pete, too, of course.) You really should be so proud of yourself for the perseverance.

  2. (& Pete, too, of course.)
    Just want to make sure you know I meant that Pete has dealing with those issues, too, not that you have been "dealing with Pete." ;)

  3. Aw Julie, I knew what you meant! And thank you. The reality of the whole Asherman's saga being over (hopefully) is starting to sink in, though we're scared to celebrate just yet. But yeah, I do give myself lots of credit for the perseverance. It's not a choice everyone would make, to keep going, but I did. And I'm hopeful it will be worth it. xo


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