Product Recommendation: Marika Workout Pants

Back in 1998, I worked out at a gym called Meadow Mill in an old warehouse in Baltimore. It was pretty sweet and my job as a business reporter got me a sizable discount. For a few months, I worked out before work, alternating cardio and ahem, weight machines, and I'd get ready for work then drive into town. I was single, and loved loved loved living in Baltimore. But I hated my job, and knew I hated my job, but wasn't sure where else to go, so I'd work out to work away the stress. Sounds eerily familiar to the years 2005-2010, which is one reason I will never ever leave this job, because I love it so much and have had enough shitty jobs to know the difference. 

ANYWAY. For my birthday in 1998, which was the year I turned the big 2-5! (I remember thinking ALRIGHT, I ONLY HAVE FIVE YEARS TO GET IT TOGETHER. SHIT HAS GOT TO BE PERFECT BY 30. Oh 25-year-old me, you're HILARIOUS.) My brother got me these totally awesome workout pants. Totally freaking awesome. Slightly boot cut but narrow enough to not be dated, which comes in handy when you wear them 14 years later. Those pants, I'm sorry to report, have now worn a bit too thin and are now disastrously revealing, as I discovered Friday night wearing an also too tight boobing-out shirt. Hey everyone, yep, you can almost see my stretch marks in these pants, and here's my boobs! How's it going? (Note: This was before I literally ran right into the GOVERNOR while texting. Sorry SIR. OMG REALLY SORRY SIR REALLY SORRY). 

So new pants were in order. I've tried the Lucy pants, and they're great, but they didn't hold up. For $98, I want to wear them for 15 years, yo. I'm cheap. I looked around and pinned a bunch, but ended up googling the awesome brand and found VOILA, they have them at Kohl's and DOUBLE VOILA, they now have a tummy panel. 25-year-old me is horrified that 38-year-old me with the Shar Pei belly requires a tummy panel, incidentally. With Kohl's deals my mom, who purchased them for me, got them for something like $17. 

But here they are, peeps. I'm pretty freaking thrilled with them. They also have a butt boosting pair, if that's your thing. 


  1. Melissa4:11 AM

    Kohls, you say? Hmmmmm......ok.....I'm game for that price!

  2. They're ridiculously comfy too. I put them on last night and sat in them for hours with the price tags on. :)

  3. Want. Local Kohl's?

  4. We bought them online! I didn't see them at the local Kohl's. Shipping was pretty fast and I think they constantly have free shipping deals. :)


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