The Previously Never-Ending but Now-Ending Battle with my Weight and Eating: A Love Story and Could This Headline Be Longer?

Well, in short I'm still a weirdo, meaning, it's still somewhat my home base when my anxiety spirals out of control. BUT, after some contemplation, and with New Year's Resolutions pressing, I happened upon Krista Scott Dixon's free ebook F*ck Calories. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! It's full of profanity, yes, but this passage: How you approach food is how you approach life, disturbed me to my core, because I knew on some level it rang true. That day (we were in Norway and went to town to spend $30 on two beers and brave the crappy weather make memories), I got an email reminding me I had signed up on the waiting list for Precision Nutrition's Lean Eating Program. I checked it out: one year commitment; $99 a month, fitness routines and nutrition coaching. Now, when you read the words nutrition coaching, what do you think? I thought it was going to be all carrot sticks and fat-free jello and GET IT TOGETHER WHY AREN'T YOU EXCITED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE? I have to admit I tossed and turned the night before spots officially opened (which sold out in minutes), and thought I'm not so sure about this.

I'm happy to report it's nothing like that. It's like the Judith Beck book (memories!) plus strength training and general badassness. You focus on changing one habit every two weeks. You don't take away anything, just add things like vegetables and protein. Each habit is just a small stretch from the previous one so you're not in the fetal position wondering how the hell you're going to do that. For instance, a banana counts as a vegetable (whee!) so for the weeks where our goal was to eat more vegetables, my post-workout banana counted. You read a daily assignment to help you think about your relationship with food. They repeatedly tell you not to get all whipped up (they call that wondering and worrying) and you're not allowed to fast-forward to freak yourself out about what your next habit is going to be. You only focus on today. What are you doing today to get you to your goals?

They also give you workouts, with tons of instruction if you need it (raises hand). You do strength training 3x a week and run intervals 2x a week and some type of activity for 30 minutes 1x a week. The workouts are hard, I'm not gonna lie. But they're not as hard as other workouts I've tried, probably because they start slow and then build. You foam roll every day. You stretch and warm up and push yourself and you get a check mark for every day you complete your habit, read your assignment and do your workout. I'm thrilled, THRILLED, to report that in 10 weeks, I have lost 11 inches (!) off 8 places I measure every week. Even more exciting, I have only missed two workouts (6 days a week, anywhere from 20-60 minutes) in 10 weeks! And I have a 94% compliance rate on the habits.

I have to admit, the hardest habit has been eating until you are satisfied, not full. It's been really eye-opening and really opened my eyes to the ways I was stuffing myself silly to cope with anxiety. It has been THE thing that has been keeping me from my goals; overeating, plain and simple. It doesn't matter if it was brownies or chicken breast, I've been overeating to try to soothe my anxiety. I'll fill you in on that in the next post, but I have really done a lot of work, some of it white-knuckling through, to change my behaviors. It's working. I'm feeling calmer around food and I'm more able to speak up when I'm feeling anxious. All this time, all this "research," and book after book, and all it took was actually doing the work. Sitting with NOT being full. Or not stress eating. What comes up when I don't have those things to cope with? It's been mind-blowingly wonderful and freeing.

If you're interested at all, email me and we can chatty about it. It's totally freaking awesome. I can't say enough about this program.


  1. Melissa Roy5:52 PM

    Just downloaded the book! Thanks :-) I prefer profanity when dealing with food so this works out perfectly!

  2. It's fantastic! Enjoy!


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