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The eating until you're satisfied thing is constantly illuminating. Here at the office there's this awesome salad bar place that's super convenient and not too expensive. I go there probably 2x a week, although I try to bring my lunch as much as possible, as I have previously noted, I've started to let my superhero tendencies slack a bit. So prior to Lean Eating, I'd go down there and Paleo the crap out of all my food justifications: I can totally eat ALL OF THIS BECAUSE IT'S ALL PALEO. And literally, I'd get at least 3 cups of lettuce with balsamic, roasted red peppers and kalamata olives and three (sometimes four!) chicken thighs. I'd eat all of it, albeit sometimes I split it in half to save some for my afternoon snack. Is it any wonder I was treading water with my body composition goals? And to be perfectly honest, I think that's why I was drawn to the whole Paleo thing, aside from being trendy, low-carbish and making sense from a holistic perspective: it didn't require me to really examine my overeating tendencies. I could just go hog wild! They said don't count calories, so I won't! And about that body compositions goals statement: to be clear -- I've never been fixated on a weight as a goal to reach. What I'd like is to be less fat, and I mean that in a literal sense, not in a deprecating I'm a fatass kind of way. I'd like to have less body fat, ala I have body composition goals. Less squishy and jiggly.

Anyway. Today? About 1 c of lettuce, 1/3 c roasted red peppers, maybe 15 olives, 1/3 hummus, about 1 T of balsamic and one chicken thigh. I've just eaten HALF of that and am stuffed. The rest will be saved for my post-run snack. 

Totally illuminating. It's really nice listening to my body and discovering the cues that were there all along. 


  1. When I was doing my whole food-reaction-experiment, and there was so little I could eat each day (aside from plain vegetables, I went through this same thing: The food was too labor-intensive to prepare and to eat (you can't scarf a no-cheese, no-crouton, no-fruit salad like you can a slice of pizza) that I just ate less, but still felt satisfied. It was mind-blowing to feel so satisfied on such simple food!

  2. Well said, mama. I know how you feel about WW, but this is precisely why it works for me. It helps me reign it in! For me, portion control is THE hardest thing.

  3. So true, ladies! Becky, I've found if I focus on eating my veggies first, then by the time I get to the meat I don't want much. Win-win. It's totally mind-blowing!

    GP: Totally agree with you-- when I did the Simply Filling thing on WW, I always lost weight because of this same principle: stop when you're satisfied. Always works. I brought in enough corned beef today for probably 6 servings! But I only ate a little bit and reminded myself that I can have more later if I want it. I have to coddle myself. :)

    1. You're better than me. I have to start out with measuring, counting, journaling - for weeks! And then eventually, regular human portion sizes kick in and it registers. But at first, I can never do Simply Filling. I'd Simply Fill myself to bursting.

  4. Melissa Roy5:47 PM

    Ha--I know this is my biggest challenge. I like to feel FULL and satisfaction, to me, is feeling FULL which is tough to break. I'm a volume eater which is annoying as hell. And when it's PMS time, if it's not nailed down, it's eaten.


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