I'm Back

Didja miss me? I've been thinking about posting again just to have a place to I dunno, journal my stuff.

In the past six months since I've stopped blogging, at lot and nothing at all has changed. I want to get back to just putting stuff up here and not worrying about who's reading or not reading, and what peeps think. I miss writing. I miss having a journal. That being said, you know I love the comments, so HOLLA!

And now I will update you on various happenings.


  1. Yay! I am so glad I kept you on my blog list...it is the only way I know whether someone has a new post. I have not blogged either in a very, very long time. I keep thinking I should get back to it just to have a place to put my feelings. I kind of did that with Facebook a while back, but then that seemed a little weird. My updates were not the usual fare for that venue. I need to have my blog be super secret from people in town. I would never want anyone in our town to come across the blog. I want to be able to be fully honest no matter how ugly it is.

    Anyway, I am really happy to see you here again!

  2. Hi Julie! I'm glad to see you too! How are you? How's Murphy doing?

  3. Oh this makes me happy- I have really missed your blog. I completely understood your reasons for stopping but frankly your blog is the one of the few that I have consistently gone to and enjoyed reading.Welcome back!

  4. Oh thanks Becky and Jen!!! You guys are awesome! :)


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