I am

One of the most transformative skills I've learned in Lean Eating is framing statements and attaching my success to my identity. Whatever your mind believes your body will follow, so it has been incredibly helpful to remind myself that I am a person who:
  1. Takes care of themselves to get extra sleep
  2. Completes all my workouts
  3. Enjoys being active
  4. Is in control around food
  5. Knows food triggers, respects and avoids them
  6. Is able to talk about difficult things
  7. Is able to sit with difficult emotions
So when the siren call of the peanut butter comes around, which is often daily, I remember bullets 4 and 5. I've noticed through another assignment we did called Noticing and Naming, that often I crack out on nut butters when I'm really struggling to voice my needs/be honest or sit with uncomfortable feelings (#6 and 7). Reminding myself of all of the above (but especially the latter half) always brings me back home and reminds me of who I have evolved to be. Super powerful. 


  1. Thanks mama! This program has been incredible!


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