After 10 days of dodging the dreaded cold/whatever that had my mom so sick she had to delay her trip home, and Pete so sick he ACTUALLY TOOK IBUPROFEN, I have it. Gah. I was exhausted yesterday and then was cold all day yesterday and never warmed up. Today I feel much worse. I'm taking a vicodin to help me sleep tonight, which means you know I'm hurtin. Given my family (and OK, my own) addictive tendencies, I have a strict rule that pain meds are only for hysteroscopies. But dude, I gotta get some sleep. 

And announcing: this week I'm doing an experiment to get in bed every night at 9 with a book rather than dick around on Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter for 500 hours, then complain about how I'm tired. 9 p.m., yo. I read this really really helpful blog post about how to get to bed earlier, and I swear it really works. If you do it. I have a stack of books to read, and not all of them are related to surviving the age of three and the preschool years, so I'm going to start tackling those. 

Slightly related: If you haven't watched this yet, get on it. One of my fave bloggers provides a Cliff Notes version if you're interested. Brene's books are among those that I'll start tackling.