Where to Start

I'm not sure where to start with the updates here:

1. I talked with my doctor on Wednesday night; I left a message Tuesday asking for someone (likely her) to call me and talk about the risks of the surgery. I don't know WTF goes on in her brain, meaning, how she decides what to share, because it went from being this is an easy procedure to DUH of course you'll be able to have another kid to (because of the blood vessel in my uterine wall) THIS NEVER HAPPENS THIS IS SO RARE AND YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR UTERUS AND BTW DID YOU KNOW SURROGATES COST UP TO $150K JUST SOMETHING TO CONSIDER. 

2. Needless to say, that's the last conversation I'll be having with that doctor. I'm done. I found a doc at the Kaiser SF office who specializes in implantation problems. His bio looks pretty awesome. He is referral only, so I've emailed my ob-gyn to ask for that. She said she'd look into it and let me know. I won't be taking No for an answer; if she is not comfortable sending me over there for some reason, I'm ready to just switch ob-gyns (again) to SF so I can start there and get that referral. I am looking for a doc who can LOGICALLY lay out the overall big picture and risks -- are we talking about 1% or 10%?

3. I also found a doc in LA who is considered A-list among women with Asherman's. Strangely (or awesomely?) he has YouTube videos of him performing the surgery. Fascinating. If I don't like the SF doc, I think I'm going to see if the LA doc can do a consult that won't bankrupt us (he's in Beverly Hills). Gah. 

4. Not fertility related: I am still rocking the workouts, and I swear, I can totally see a difference in my body composition. I almost let out a SQUEEE when I saw myself in the hotel mirror this week. I think my Target mirror is funhousey, meaning it sucks. I noticed this the last time I traveled too. Note: get a better mirror. 

5. Not fertility related: Kinda off the Whole 30. Whatever that means. I'd say I'm 90% Paleo but I ate peanut butter this week and practically did hitchkicks across PF Changs after eating their spicy orange peel beef with brown rice and Schezuan green beans. I mean, dude. It was so good. Business travel is not easy eating really strict Whole 30, but I managed to do OK. I'm trying to remember I'm not perfect (newsflash) and thus, cannot eat perfectly all the time. 


  1. Good thing you were able to find out who this doctor really is before she got to you. Best of luck.

  2. Ummm can I go see this guy? Seriously...looks like an awesome plan and way to get rid of scary bad email lady....


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