Update!!! Great news!!!


  1. My fallopian tube is clear of scar tissue, meaning, I won't have to have it removed! HITCHKICKS!
  2. She's confident she can remove the scar tissue and I can carry a pregnancy to term. :)
  3. There's a chance, and she needs to talk with the radiologist today about this, that there's a blood vessel in my uterine cavity, which obviously makes surgery with microscissors a bit trickier but still totally do-able. 
  4. I might have to have an MRI to get a closer look at those blood vessels. If they're in the uterine wall = all systems go for surgery. If they're in the uterine cavity, then see above. Trickier but still do-able. 
  5. She said she was so, so sorry she wasn't communicating well through email. That she is really going to work on it. I told her to just call me instead from now on. She'll call me tonight after she talks with the radiologist. 
  6. We'll schedule the surgery ASAP, barring the intermediary step to the MRI beforehand and then more strategery around that. But otherwise ASAP.
  7. I may have cried in the stairwell (where I took the call at the office) out of relief. 


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