Sweetest Taboo

I cannot get Sade's Sweetest Taboo song out of my head. I'm playing it for the fifth time in a row right now. I figure by the time I get to 6 or eleventy I'll get it out of my system. I think it's mostly because I've seen it in a show or movie and it's this very sexy transitional scene where people have been laying on the beach.

Which seems perfectly blissful at this point in my life. 

The past two weeks have been so insanely busy and filled with ups and downs, it's been crazy. And so exhausting. I'm trying to do lots of unplugging, sleeping and taking care of myself, but I guess given my fantasies of being somewhere on a beach with nothing more to worry about than even color and do I need to move my towel to realign with the sun? really are what's present in my mind.

Lucia has been sick this weekend and on albuterol, which means she's been THE DEVIL. It makes her wired beyond belief and super aggressive, so basically Pete and I trade eyerolls to each other and alternate who wants to throttle her more at any given minute. God I love that kid, but albuterol can make the most well-behaved child a disruptive, spastic brat. Lord. 

I am so thrilled for the uptick in work and the newfound busy. I really am. But damn, going 0 to 60 has been tough. First, I'm rusty. I'll admit it. Rusty in response time as well as general efficiency. I'm getting better, but damn, I haven't had to be super fast in what, 6 years? So it's been challenging. I now have a Blackberry (I had one at my old job and when I wasn't issued one with this job I felt naked. And unimportant, I'll admit). 

Business travel is hard, yo. I came home from three incredibly stressful days and my parents arrived. We had such an amazing time, but I know they'll admit too that traveling and trying to catch up is so draining. Given the hours I've been working, I was able to take a four-day weekend last weekend, but had to hit the ground running for a 13-hour day in Fresno Tuesday and another 13-hours in Sacramento Thursday. I can earn overtime if I choose to, but yesterday I chose staying home and doing not much of anything. I went to therapy, the grocery store and stopped by the office. 

I guess I'm writing this to justify going to bed again at 9:30 tonight. Seems like I can't get enough sleep these days. 

The end.