How It Went

Cliff notes: "Extensive" scarring. 

What actually happened:

Checked in 30 minutes before my appointment. Pete accidentally brought the antibiotic instead of vicodin, so wheee I get to do this without pain medication. The scary website said it would be quite uncomfortable if I had a lot of scar tissue. So I'm sitting there in the chair waiting to be called and thinking over and over again, I can handle this, I can do this I CAN DO THIS. Gah. 

I get undressed and in comes the radiologist, who is also an MD, which is helpful because as you know, the radiologists for the last miscarriage were jerky and wouldn't tell me my embryo had died. Thanks for nothin! So the fact that this radiologist, who happened to possess my maiden name, is a doc means she'll interpret as we go. Freaking Phew. 

I get into my gown and hospital socks (whee! the ones with traction strips), which I may or may not have been secretly excited about because my current sock rotation is just sad (also I tend to hate socks, but these particular ones are OK). We start. Both the doc and the assistant assured me I'd be fine without the vicodin. Phew. The dye is injected and I can watch on the screen. I expected it to fill the cavity and to be able to see the images of the scar tissue. Ehm. Not really. I saw white, pillowy areas, and then lots of things that looked like vines. Pete said it looked like the interior of a pumpkin, then later made a joke about how we should just use one of those pumpkin scrapers we saw at Crate and Barrel the other day to fix my uterus. Then I stabbed him, making this whole future family question mark a non-issue. Kidding! 

Right. So anyway. Apparently she made a lot of faces and couldn't really see anything. Afterwards, she said she saw "extensive scarring" and put on her grim face and said, I'm sorry, it looks like it's going to be really hard for you to get pregnant. To which Pete and I said, nope! Actually that's not the problem at all. Implantation is the problem. Oh, she said. So can they fix that? 

Yes, I said: They go in with microscissors and cut everything out, then they put a stent in my uterus for 1-2 weeks to prevent new adhesions from forming, THEN I get a course of progesterone (crazy alert!) and estrogen (migraine alert!) to restore my uterus. Then we check again. Then green light for conception, I start whining about pregnancy sucking again, and VOILA, baby. 

At least I hope it'll go that smoothly. 

And btw, it was just uncomfortable, not really painful, although the aftermath blood was horror-film level. I apologized like 5 times to the radiology tech. 

While she used the word extensive, meh. From what I read during my frantic googling this weekend and on the Asherman's site (which my specialist has confirmed I have), there are a lot of variations, and there's still hope even when the dang uterus is glued shut with adhesions. That's not the case with me. And since she clearly didn't know about my condition per se, I'm not putting a lot of stock in her terminology or definitions. 

I'm waiting to hear from my doctor this a.m. to get her take. I'll update when I can. 


  1. Thanks for the update - eager to hear what the doctor says. Thinking about you a lot. All our love, Mary


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