Dear Self

Hey loves, 

Um. Said in the nicest possible way: PUT. THE. GOOGLE. DOWN. All that "research" that you think will make you feel better? Is making things 1,000 times worse. Dark and twisty got nothing on you. 

Look. The doctor looking at YOUR UTERUS, not some lady on the Interwebs or some statistical case, said this is FIXABLE and you will go on to get pregnant. Your case = FIXABLE. 

It doesn't matter how much scar tissue there is. 

It doesn't matter how it got there. 

It's going to get cut out, and you're going to go on to have another baby. 

I know when things get scary for you, you launch into research and reason mode, and that's OK. That part has served you well in this life. But there's a point where fear can take over, and today while sobbing at the kid's museum after seeing newborn baby? That's fear in the driver's seat. And that's not you. 

You're optimistic and have always been able to take things in stride. Even though you're scared, stay true to who you are. 

Fixable. Your uterus. Fixable.


  1. Melissa R.7:32 PM

    Good point on the google and YES you will have another baby.
    I had to stop the google myself because it just makes me sad and weepy with regards to my husband. Dr. Google cannot define my mood anymore. He doesn't know ME and he doesn't know my husband. Good for you :-)

  2. The google is so great for so many things. Self-diagnosis and doomsday predictions included. :) I feel so much better after writing this and stopping. I hope your husband is doing OK. Hugs Melissa.

  3. Melissa R.6:35 PM

    Thanks, Heather! He's doing OK--in the hospital for bland embolization right now but doing well!


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