Coupla things

1. I would not recommend doing a Whole 30 on the same month you start taking birth control pills. After lusting after (and I do mean lusting) the tortilla chips all the livelong day yesterday, I finally succumbed. They were everything I hoped for. I did choose the less processed ones though, so that totally cancels it out. Ha.
2. Found out today that Pete's business partner's wife is due in February. When I would have been. I wish it got easier to hear about those kind of things. But it doesn't.
3. I worked out 6 of 7 days last week. I wish I could tell you it was some newfound ambition or plan, but really I was just trying desperately to beat back the anxiety. It helped AND it got me on a roll to work out more. I love it when that happens.
4. I'm going away on biz travel again Wednesday-Thursday, then the following week Tues-Thurs. Nice to be needed, I keep telling myself. Happy to be employed using my skills.