If anyone can tell me what this means, I'd greatly appreciate it. I like this doctor, but man she sucks at communication. I've already left 2 voicemails and an email for those awesome nurses to schedule me an appointment or have her call me today. So. Frustrating.

Dear Heather:

Your HSG showed one normal tubal ostia and one normal tube, but extensive adhesions were identified throughout the uterine cavity although there were blood vessels identified. . We will need to consider surgery.

Thank you. X X MD


  1. I would email her back and just tell her that you feel her communication skills are lacking and this email is a perfect example. I would say you are not a Dr. and that it's great she explains this is medical terms but that it would also it would be nice to have it explained in plain English.

  2. Thanks woman. I think I'm going to push to see the other specialist there. This is insane. The best part of this email is the "thank you" after the surgery mention... WTF.

  3. Melissa R.12:32 PM

    what language is that in, anyway? I understood the surgery part and yeah, W...T...F!!!??? THANK YOU?????????


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