I think I say that too much, but dooods, I don't know what other word to use there. 

Work went from shuffling around feeling sorry for myself after lots of fits and starts, and MAYBE THIS PROJECT I'LL GET TO DO SOMETHING COOL! Followed by, yeah we think you're amazing and so talented but not right for this particular project. [I'm a consultant, I go from project to project and lend my "expertise."] Followed by hey, can you clean up this stakeholder database for us? Um. Yes I can I guess.

And then I was handed the keys to the kingdom in terms of HUGE projects (largest infrastructure project in the nation) with, hey can you do some media relations? CAN I? ARE YOU SERIOUS? 

So it's been so insanely fun. I've forgotten how much fun it was actually. But it means I've been working my ASS off; 13 hours Monday, 14 hours Tuesday and it's just unrelenting. In a good way. But man. It's exhaustingly awesome. 

That's the only update for you, other than here's even more Paleo diet info from Dooce.

I can't even tell you if I want things to slow down or continue, I'm having so much fun! I'll post more when I can think clearly.


  1. Awesome!!

    Heather, which Paleo book is best as an intro?

  2. Hi Robin!

    Julie I really liked Robb Wolf's the Paleo Solution. Not a lot of THIS IS HOW YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE. Just really straightforward. He's pretty funny too. I bought the Primal Blueprint but found it too sales pitchy. Blargh.


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