Various Updates

1. My stepdad had a heart attack yesterday. A mild one. They went in to see what's up today, and he had a 99% blockage in 2 places in 1 artery. That's bad. Really bad. If he hadn't come in (which my mom pushed him to do), he would have had a massive heart attack and died. So. He has 2 new stents, we're breathing a sigh of relief, and he's starting a new lifestyle TODAY to get serious about being healthy. All on the anniversary of my dad's death, I kid you not. Um, happy anniversary? My poor Mom. 

2. Has there ever been a more flattering picture of me taken? I mean. I look positively gazelle-like. It's the angle. ;)

3. Thyroid bloodwork update: I had it re-taken since pregnancy can affect it (the first round I didn't know I was pregs when I had it done). Non pregs results: T3 up slightly, TSH down more. My voodoo doc thinks I have an iodine deficiency. I'm doing an iodine tolerance test on Thursday (I think) from home -- I have to collect my urine all day after taking a high dose of iodine. Then if 90% isn't excreted, VOILA = deficiency. 

4. Was going to start NROL4W yesterday, then didn't feel like it. My motivation will come back, yes it will. It will. 

5. Still going strong with the Whole 30. Resisted ice cream and cookies and wine at dinner last night; it's easier and easier to say no the more I do; the sugar cravings are essentially gone. It's just hard to continue to make the time to make something, you know? 

That's all I got. I feel emotionally spent and blah, so bear with me...


  1. This might be a really stupid comment, BUT.... I was watching Dr. Oz today and it was all about pollutants in public water sources. He said, if you have thyroid issues, you should have your water checked for something that I can't remember ASAP and before you do anything else. I need to find this link.

  2. Perchlorate!!!!

  3. Hmm. That is interesting fo sho. Wouldn't that show up in my bloodwork though? I mean, the dude could see that my muscle mass was low, that's how sensitive the bloodwork was. I'm learning more and more that thyroid issues are super tricky to diagnose. Sigh.

  4. So sorry to hear about your stepdad. That is so scary.

    gotta love good angles. :)


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