Thinking About My Dad

I'm thinking about my dad today. He would have been 67. He set a really strong foundation in my life, one that craves structure and revels in guidelines and rules. I literally feel my heart race when I hear about environmental rules, regulations and permits at work, and I'm pretty sure that's the mark of my dad. Making rules and order out of chaos. I had a good talk with him this week while I sat waiting for the bus; the good thing about Oakland is there are so many crazy people downtown no one bats an eye if you talk to yourself. I know that he's proud of me, my accomplishments. And my persistence continual curiosity at uncovering more of myself and questioning things. I'm tough, I told my dad. Tough as Mom for sure, but also tough like you. I don't give up. I keep going. I'm so proud of that. I miss him. And I'm so thankful for the mark he left on me for the 10+ years he was my dad. 


  1. What a handsome man. So young. Kind eyes.

    He watches over you for sure.


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