Pom Poms UP!


For what feels like the eleventy hundredth time, I'm starting a new fitness program. You know me. All. Nothing. There's no in between. I'm working on it, OK? I really am. BUT in the meanwhile, I realize that I really, really like the accountability of reporting my weight and workout stats (the geeky stuff) somewhere. And that somewhere is now called HL Gets Fit. HL was my nickname forever when I was a singleton and still feels so ME. 

I'm going to the gym tomorrow. I'm done with Whole 30 on Sunday but have entered a lose-10 lbs competition of sorts hosted by a friend for the month of August. Just the kick in pants (and diversion during the fertility testing) I need. It is only fitness stuff over there. I'll still whine about brownies here, never fret! Please come over and wave your pom poms for me.