Life Marches On

It's been an interesting week. Hearing about other people's horrible times hasn't exactly taken my attention away from mine, but it sure has added perspective, which I find always helpful. Tonight Lucia is sick, and repeatedly wanted to be rocked and held tightly. And I did. Repeatedly. Because the news lately has been about kids dying in accidents or at the fate of their own parents, and I just can't take it. I'll hold my big, brave girl around me tightly in the rocker where I've rocked her since our first days together. She barely fits now. But I'll keep doing it because I CAN. Aside: tonight she told me I was her best friend (I think she's been watching Cars too many times; that scene with Mater and Lighting McQueen is so touching), and my heart melted. I was speechless. How can you tell a child everything she means to you? She's my heart worn on the outside. I think I mumbled something like, you can't know how much I love you Lucia. 

But back to heartbreak: marriages crumble and cancer spreads and takes beloved people and dogs die and life marches on. It marches on. I'm not the only one with a broken heart out there. 


  1. Heather,
    This post really touched me. Lucia telling you that you were her best friend. So sweet. Remember to write this stuff down. As much as you can remember. Even if it is notes on a scrap of paper shoved in a drawer somewhere (I have done that and then went back and wrote it all down in a journal.)

    Your last paragraph. My eyes welled up. Oh the heartbreak. All of it. This week I have been so sad for a family in my town who's absolutely beautiful 4 year old son drowned in their backyard pool on the 4th of July during a neighborhood party. He was unaccounted for less than a minute. How does one go on? But you are right. Life marches on. It changes us...these challenges. Oh, does it change us.

    Keep the faith. I do not say that lightly. So much love to you and your sweet little family. I want your heart to feel full.

  2. who's I mean "whose". Ugh, I can't let bad grammar just linger.


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