Hug with Pants On

I mean, fo sho.

From my regular ob/gyn, the one who I saw on the street the other day - I emailed her to ask for interpretation. Here's what she said:

I reviewed your ultrasound report from 7/27. It showed that the uterine lining looked irregular, which is non-specific.
There may be a little residual blood, clot, or tissue from your miscarriage. It's not serious, and may resolve on it's own.
You'll probably have a follow-up ultrasound with Dr. Hirata.
Otherwise there was no mention of an abnormal shape to the uterus.
I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Let me know if you have additional questions.
Have a good weekend.

*Hug with pants on reference from back in the day when my previous OB hugged me post-exam once I had my pants on. 


  1. Phew indeed!! Shame on the specialist for sending a vague email. Yay for your awesome ob/gyn for interpreting and getting back to you so soon!!!


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