Happy Friday

Excerpt from my doctor's message re: results from the ultrasound this week. 

Your ultrasound showed an irregular shape. They recommend that you repeat this scan in 4 to 6 weeks. We can see the uterine cavity better when you have a hysteroscopy. 

So. Um. Uh. What?


  1. I kind of want to crawl through that letter and choke your doctor a little on your behalf. Way to leave a thread dangling there. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  2. Ugh. Why the long wait????

    Hopefully you will get more info on this from your doctor.

  3. I have an appointment to discuss with her on Monday, but I wrote this to her in the meanwhile:

    Hi there, I got your other message and am pretty surprised and more than a little freaked out. I know it's Friday and I'm scheduled to see you Monday, but can you give me any additional information to provide some peace of mind over the weekend? Does uterine shape change if I've recently had a miscarriage? How come this has never been noticed before? Thanks in advance.

  4. what the what??? Sheesh. I'm sorry!

  5. Ugh!!! How awful to give you such little information! I hope that she gets back to you before Monday.


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