The End of Whole 30

Yesterday was my last day on the Whole 30 program. I lost 9 lbs in a month; that number is actually lower than I thought, but I lifted weights Friday and am super sore, so maybe it's extra water. 

Thoughts on the program: the first few weeks = UNCOMFORTABLE. But, now that it's been 30 days, I honestly feel like I have my food issues beat. Going cold turkey on not emotionally eating (or at least cutting way back) right after the miscarriage was um, hard. And character building. And now I think I can work through just about anything without reaching for sugar for the Calgon Take-Me-Away properties. I'm going to send a very long email to the Whole 30 peeps, but that pretty much sums it up. 

Thoughts on weighing: So you don't weigh for 30 days. Which was weird. I missed it, but then again, since I wasn't binging, I wasn't using that number in the morning to get me back on track. Know what I mean? I weighed today, and will likely start weighing daily (but I'm not sure yet). 

What now? I'm going to keep eating this way, since I feel so fantastic. I'm going to work in one treat a week, but I'm going to continue to avoid sugar. The treat I'm looking most forward to is tortilla chips with guacamole. I've eaten guacamole regularly, but chips = obviously not allowed on the program. So I will probably have some of those today, and next weekend maybe a glass of wine. 


  1. Are there chip alternatives you can have?

  2. I mean, kinda. The reason I avoided was because they were processed and you can't eat corn during the Whole 30. So, I guess I could have made some sweet potato chips at home.

  3. Well that doesn't sound like fun at all!

  4. That's great that it worked so well for you! Maybeeeee I will look into it. I worry about having enough energy for running well.

  5. Thanks Melissa!! I would bet they have something on their website to address that.


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