Eater McFunk

Hi. I've been eating too much. As I've been feeling down this week, I know this comes as a true revelation, given that I never emotionally eat. I've been feeling sorry for myself and eating too much fruit and almond butter (I know it beats Snickers and donuts, but the dysfunction is still the same) Which, let me just add here, if you haven't made homemade almond butter you need to do so immediately. Step 1: trader joe's dry roasted almonds. step 2. pour the whole bag in the food processor. Turn it on. Scrape down the sides from time to time, but otherwise just let it run. Step 3: add some almond oil (or grapeseed if you have it). Keep letting it run. Now the important part: gorge yourself on it!

In all seriousness, it tastes so much fresher than the jarred stuff. Like fresh ground pepper vs. the canned stuff. Or fresh ground coffee. You pick the metaphor. I'm positive it's the same case for peanut butter, but the Whole 30 says no peanuts. So. I've established a work around. 

I'm trying to shake here out of this funk, yes I am. I saw a friend today and he was sweet and asked me about my cold (which I still have -- GAH) and I said, yeah we saw a fertility specialist this week and I just got super stressed out about it, so with the incoming cold it was the perfect storm. He said, "So what if it doesn't work?" I said, what? He said, I mean are you guys open to explore other options? I didn't really know what to say, so I just said, well we're hoping it's just something we can tweak. Then I talked about the homeopath blah blah blah. 

He wasn't trying to be a dick, but man. It bummed me out for the rest of the day. I guess that's a possibility? I don't really want to think about that, you know? I'd rather focus on ruling out things one by one, then looking at things that we can change. I dunno. 

Food I can change. I'm coming down the last week of the Whole 30 and I think I'm going to cut out nuts and fruit for the week. We've been buying these strawberries from what we think is the best place in California (and trust me, Pete samples each and every stand at the farmer's market -- EVERY farmer's market), so we've been putting those away like nobody's biz. And that damn almond butter. I just made a fresh batch tonight. I think I'll put it in the back of the fridge for the end of the week. I wish I was one of those people that could just have things in moderation. But I yam what I yam. I'm evolving as much as I can and I've got a lot on my plate. So it's OK that I'm not perfect. 


  1. keep the faith, girl.

    and i hear you on the not being able to eat certain foods in moderation. But yes, at least, it is good stuff for your body.

  2. Thanks Julie! YOU DA BEST!

  3. I have a VERY long list of foods that I absolutely cannot eat in moderation. So, I feels ya.


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