Deep Thoughts

1. I like my hair better long. It's fine now but I prefer it long.

Them were the days

2. My outfit today is cute. Yep, that's the J.Crew cardigan again. It's all I wear, people. I have it in olive now too. 

3. I'm still sick. I'd put a picture of my inhaler here, but well, you know what that means. It's not catastrophic and I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days. 
4. I saw my OB/Gyn on the street last night and she busted out into a huge smile and hug and said I looked great. It made the fact that I was picking up my four prescriptions for aforementioned fertility testing just a little bit easier. Yes it did. I think I forgot to mention in that previous post that I'll be going on the pill for 10-14 days. Progesterone only to keep my uterine lining thin so they can see everything. 
5. If you're waiting for my thrilling fitness updates, keep waiting. Trying to get my head in the game. Being sick has not helped. 
6. The key to kickass mashed cauliflower? Not overcooking it. I had to restrain myself from eating the whole head last night. 
7. We booked our tickets to Norway for Christmas. The good: flying Virgin Atlantic to London. Freaking yes. The bad: Pete and Lucia are staying an extra 2 weeks without me.