Two Things

  1. I'm starting the Whole 30 tomorrow. There's tons of people starting too -- they made a huge effort to re-launch the program and the Success Guide to ensure maximum participation. I bought the Success Guide, which is just SO SO SO AWESOME and includes ahem, a flow chart for if you're feeling like cheating  -- so handy if you're the type that has 2 hour arguments with yourself over whether or not you can have X. Hypothetically speaking. After a week of comfort eating, and BTW surprise! That sugar addiction came RIGHT BACK! Just like it never left! I am ready. I feel bloated and gross and ready to detox and feel clean and good and lean again. 
  2. I'm now on Pinterest with everyone else wasting wayyyyy too much time, if you want to see the thrilling things I'm pinning. Go get 'em. I'm still figuring it out, so some of the stuff on there is lame. Don't judge. 


  1. Proud of you! AND - you're in good company....sugar addiction came right back to me, too :-( however, grabbed some sugary stuff last night and felt barfy after bite 1. Let me know how Pinterest goes - I sent away for my invite a few days ago. GOOOOOOO HEATHER! You got this!

  2. Thanks friend!! I'm so psyched to get started!


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