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I can't really adequately describe how different this experience is this time around. Remember the horror show of blood and just terribleness of recovery last time? Not the case this time. It is strangely comforting. God forbid you are ever in the situation to decide what type of way to miscarry, go for the D&C, I tell you. So. Much. Easier. I took a Vicodin last night and will take another one tonight; I'm barely crampy but am still waking up without it asking Why God and obsessively thinking about my next pregnancy already. Oh brain, give it a break, why don't ya? Enter Vicodin to knock me out.

So anyway. Between crying jags I started googling Thursday night, or maybe it was Wednesday night, about thyroid and miscarriage. And whaddya know = strong connection. Read this, friends.

Mr. Homeopath, when I saw him June 7, said I either have Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism. My periods changed around March -- much heavier than usual and my hair started falling out more this Spring. Very interesting. My mom also has hypothyroidism, and there's a strong genetic component. The antibodies test, which I think was for Hashimoto's came back negative, but I don't know what that means for sure. I'm going to see him Wednesday. 

This gives me so much hope. So. Much. Hope. I'm not shaken to the core like I was last time I miscarried; something is off and hopefully, with just a bit of medication, it can be adjusted and I can be watched carefully (like he describes on page 2) during my next pregnancy. This probably also explains why we struggled to conceive; my hormones are off. Simple fix. Hooray. 


  1. My good friend miscarried a zillion times. She finally got on a teensy dose of thyroid meds and is about the pop out her second in July. I think you're on to something....

  2. An acquaintance of mine had three miscarriages and it was a lack of hormones. Took medication and she has three kids! I agree with Amy, you are on to something!

  3. Oh thank you so much for telling me this -- I'm so hopeful this is an easy easy fix. Please God, let it be that. Thanks for sharing.


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