One Month Down

I've just completed Phase 1 of the Venuto Burn the Fat program, and I'm feeling less squishy and stronger. Awesome. I only missed 2 workouts, both with completely valid reasons. I started at 12 reps, 2 sets, then worked up to 15 reps, 3 sets. Phase 2 is the exact same exercises, but increase the weight and drop the reps to 6-10. I start that part on Monday. I'm excited, since typically when I start using heavier weights I see the most results. Here's what I'm doing, just in case you were dying to know. I alternate A and B workouts and do 3 workouts a week.

A Workout:

Dumbell Squat
Bird dog

Dumbell Split Squat
Dumbell Row

Dumbell Bench Press

B Workout:

Romanian Deadlift
Shoulder Press

One legged hip extension
DB Pullover

Reverse Crunch
Cross Knee Crunch

Bicep curl

The gym continues to be my place to get grounded; where I can come back into my body. It makes a huge, huge huge difference on my outlook and stress levels. So yay. I'll keep plugging away.