I talked to Chris again yesterday to discuss my thyroid tests. It came back negative for Hashimoto's, but the very low T3 is still of concern, and definitely a contributing factor in the miscarriage, in his opinion. He suspects I have an iodine deficiency, so we're going to test for that. But the catch is there's a pretty dangerous shellfish allergy in my family (my sister and father both had it the night before they died), so shellfish has always been off limits for me. Never mind that they have tested my blood for the allergy and I have tested negative; shrimp and crab = never gonna happen for me. Which is fine, I don't really like it anyway, though this situation made it freaking tedious when living in Maryland and I'd tag along to crab feasts. It takes about 15 minutes to eat a fish sandwich, and 2 hours to eat crabs. Drinking more beer was often my strategy. It was awesome. 

But I digress. 

So to make sure I'm not allergic to iodine, which comes from shellfish, we are first experimenting with kelp pills. Yep, kelp. From the sea. That's the one. $9 at Whole Foods. I'm taking a quarter of a dose then seeing if I have a reaction. Then doubling it until we get to a pretty large dose. I took one last night and no reaction. Doesn't surprise me, since the used iodine last week for the D&C and well, tons of it for my C-section. The iodine test means that they'll give me iodine, then through urine sampling for 24 hours (not really sure how that's going to work at work, yo), they see how much of it is excreted in my urine. If I have a deficiency, it will be less than 90% excretion. THEN we can treat that with high levels of iodine. 

The other thing I started taking yesterday was Selenium, which helps convert T4 to T3. We also agreed to take new bloodwork for my thyroid levels, since pregnancy tends to make things crazy. BUT I was like 3 weeks pregnant when I had my original bloodwork done (and didn't know it, of course). 

The amount of supplements I am now taking is hilarious. B12, D, Selenium, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Fermented Cod Liver Oil capsules (8 per day), Kelp, and a Multivitamin (6 capsules a day for those alone). And I'm not sure how long I'll be doing this, but I'm committed to figuring out what's up, so I might as well get over any crankiness about it and just get on board. Pete reminded me this morning, it sure beats lots of medication. He's right. 

Chris and I talked about my concerns about going to Kaiser; as you know you really have to advocate for yourself with them, and I'm nervous that they'll be like, welp, you're fine and these things just happen. He was certain that something is just off with my system, but also said it was really, really important to not consider myself "INFERTILE" or having "FERTILITY PROBLEMS." Because that's just a downward spiral of negativity and puts me in a mindset that is not productive. Hearing that reassurance from him was so, so helpful after well, sobbing in my cube yesterday upon reading that 2 miscarriages means "infertility."  Yeah, that wasn't a fun time. 

He also has an awesome out-of-network fertility specialist if, worst-case scenario, the Kaiser peeps are not helpful or doomy gloomy. I've read reviews of the person I'll be seeing (July 21) and people don't love her. So his out-of-network dude has a flat fee that's very reasonable, then you can see him on a monthly sliding scale fee. Sliding scale = affordable, thankfully. 

At the end of the call Chris said he was really sorry to hear about the miscarriage, and he's pretty sure we can just make some minor tweaks to get things rolling again. I feel hopeful. 


  1. As someone that had fertility problems, took medication and was treated by a Kaiser fertility Dr. I will tell you it wasn't so bad and as you know successful! Hopefully that gives you a bit of hope if you need to go down that path.

    Apparently Kaiser doesn't have great fertility specialist because so few people are covered for that treatment. When people need help in that area and have to pay out of pocket they go to out of network specialist "The best in that field" so Kaiser ends up having such a small need for fertility Doctors.
    Hang in there!

  2. Amanda, that's really good insight -- thanks!!


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