It's been an interesting week, nutrition-wise. My supplements arrived Tuesday and Wednesday, and I began taking most of them right away. The Vitamin D is pretty disgusting, the Vitamin B12 is the best (raspberry!) and the fermented cod liver oil is the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted in my life. With some of the supplements, I'm able to channel 22-year-old me and pretend I'm doing a shot of some disgustingly delicious liquor, like Jagermeister or something. This is impossible with the fermented cod liver oil because well, it's freaking oily and coats your mouth. No down the hatches. Tonight I'm going to try to shoot it in the back of my throat with Lucia's medicine dropper. I haven't worked up to taking the pre/probiotics, because it's powder and I have to put it in food. Just the thought nauseates me. Related: I had my first praying to the porcelain Gods moment this morning, trying to breathe through the nausea. I didn't barf but came so very close. This is remarkable because I do. not. barf. EVER. So oddly comforting, but man I feel terrible today. 

So after reading on the Robb Wolf forum and listening to Chris Kresser and Robb's latest podcast , where they advised cutting back slightly on the protein, I decided to work more carbs into my diet. Fruit, GF waffle, whatever, keep it to one serving per meal. No whole hog going crazy with focaccia sandwiches, like when I was pregnant with Lucia. Ah the old days. 

I emailed Chris and asked him how many carbs were too many and would wreak havoc on my blood sugar; he said use the glucometer. So I have been. And my blood sugar has been too high after the most innocuous meals of say, steak and vegetables. Yesterday turkey chili set it the highest level to date. Just turkey chili. No cheese or chips or bread or anything. Just chili. Which is frustrating for sure: if my blood sugar is too high the obvious remedy is less carbs, but if I'm not supposed to load up on protein, then frankly, WTF am I supposed to eat? Frustrated, I gorged on tortilla chips last night. Part of me wanted to indulge, but a bigger part of me was eating out of frustration. Which I know, happens to everyone. Some days are better than others. 

I dug more around Chris' site and read about hypothryroidism and it's relation to blood sugar problems; which are exacerbated my estrogen and wackadoodle hormones, ala first trimester of pregnancy. I go for my bloodwork on Monday to figure out my thyroid issues. I'm taking my bloodwork today to see how it goes. My fasting level was too high again today and I would imagine my lunch of roasted chicken and asparagus will send it up again. So frustrating.