Da Chinese Medicine dude

So. I picked Chris Kresser after reading all of his blog posts (OK most of them anyway) following him on Twitter, and reading up on his approach. We got a nice tax refund, and decided to spend part of it on seeing him. I had a 15-minute consult, where he told me that asthma and allergies are considered autoimmune disorders and can generally be managed better with a Paleo diet. Interesante. 

I booked him, and then received about 10 documents to review/fill-out. The case history was NINE pages alone; I wrote a novel to include those times in high school where I basically starved myself, to the fun times with childbirth, etc. etc. I also filled out a complete diet survey, psychological evaluation and about a zillion other things, including taking my blood sugar measurements fasting, before lunch and 1, 2 and 3 hours after lunch for three days. Freaking complicated. And I had extensive blood work done. 

Here's what he said:

Low Vitamin B12, Low Vitamin D. The D didn't surprise me, and my nurse friend Jen suggested B vitamins when I was telling her I was constantly getting sick. So. Also: surprise! Low B and D = anxiety and depression. So he was pretty sure I'll be feeling a zillion times better once I start with those supplements.

He confirmed something is up with my blood sugar: there's lots of volatility there. Carbs are not my friend. Despite me continually wanting it to be that way.

Then we talked about my thyroid. My TSH and T3 are low; which is slightly unusual since the two are usually inverse. It indicates either Hashimoto's disease or wait for it -- underlying inflammation likely due to leaky gut syndrome.  We are doing additional testing: if it's Hashimoto's it can be treated with medication. If it's not, then no more gluten for me. Additionally, I did find it interesting in my obsessive research post-session that thyroid problems can cause blood sugar issues. 

Now the slightly mortifiying parts: my cholesterol is elevated, to which I wondered WTF since it's always been really low and everyone who touts the Paleo diet goes on and on about how it corrected their cholesterol levels. He told me after looking at all of my markers, he's not concerned at all, my triglycerides are very low and the ratios are all right. But still, what gives. He said if I recently switched to a Paleo diet, it's likely I had um, fatty liver disease and my liver is purging the fat now, so it will be temporarily elevated for a while. Note: I drink maybe 2 drinks a month, so it's not from drinking. I've read about this in Gary Taubes book and was pretty horrified to know that might be the case. 

Also mortifying: my creatinine is low, indicating uh, I need more muscle mass. Yep. There it is in scientific terms. Girl is skinny fat. A size 6/8 with borderline obese body fat levels. But there it is. He was happy to hear I've started a strength training program, and today I'm happy to report I lifted very heavy and pushed really hard. It felt wonderful. 

He's recommending B and D supplements, cod liver oil in Artic Mint flavor (oooh la la), some aggressive pre/probiotics to shore up my immune system, of course a Paleo diet. 

I'm happy I went to see him. 


  1. Very interesting.

    I am still here and reading, just been so busy.

    I love how you do all the research for me...I like the Whole30 thing.


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