Your Psychic Friend

We had this lunch and learn thing at work last week and the topic was Stop Stressing. Start Living. Seemed pretty straightforward and I figured I would it would be all, get more sleep, eat less sugar and more vegetables.

I was wrong. It was unbelievably illuminating. The dude introduced himself as a clairvoyant energy reader, which sounded pretty interesting. So he said that we all have our own energy fields around us and the reason why we get stressed are because of one three things happen to drain our energy:

  1. We have too many tasks and can't focus our energy on one thing. That sounds very vague and obvious, but if think about it for a second it really makes sense. Your energy is drained because you cannot focus; there's too much going on. 
  2. Someone invades your energy and drains it. A negative person or even a positive person who has a negative situation going on. 
  3. Resisting reality. This also sounds really vague and obvious, but basically if you're resisting what you know is true, let's say X is a total douche and you don't want it to be that way but it is, you're draining your energy by resisting what you intuitively know is true. 

We meditated around each of these points, which meant we closed our eyes and took deep breaths. For the first one we imagined a giant cord linking our sacrum (which is the seventh chakra or energy center at the base of your spine) to the center of the earth. For the second one we imagined disconnecting from negative energy, starting with our scalp and working down to our toes. I may have fallen asleep during that one. :) For the third one I can't remember what we did.


After the second one I raised my hand and asked, "What does it mean when you see colors when you meditate?"

Him: "It means you are clairvoyant. What colors are you seeing?"

Me: Purple most of the time but today it was more red and orange.

Him: That's your energy field you're seeing. That's how you see things clairvoyantly.

Me. Oh.

Mind you, I was in a room with all my co-workers so I was slightly embarrassed. I wanted to quip, "Full service Public Affairs, peeps."

This isn't the first time someone has noted my intuitive abilities; it's what I pride myself on in my profession. It's what I've always been recognized for and people have been amazed by. Seeing ahead and getting ahead of conflict is what makes me awesome at my job.

So I went away from the meeting feeling like Wow, so. That's what that is. I'm not setting up a booth at the fair and looking into a crystal ball, but what this means is YES, I'm highly intuitive. Which I already knew.  Which is awesome. But it can be not-so awesome too.

Then the more I thought about, I came away from it with this: all this time, for like, the past 3-5 years, I've flogged myself with WHY HEATHER WHY do I have to take on other people's problems? I have worked really, really hard in therapy to stop acting co-dependently, meaning getting so wrapped up in other people's issues and taking on their stuff and MOST OF ALL getting super pissed off/stressed out when they do not act to solve them as I would. I figured out that that anger is because my energy has been invaded and I want it back. Also, I realized that I'm hyper-sensitive to people's energies. If something bad happens with people I take it on and feel terrible.

Nothing is wrong with me. Nothing needs to be fixed. It continues to be a great idea and practice in general to NOT take on other people's problems (there's a difference between problems and energy) and worse, get really stressed out about them, but finally, people, FINALLY, I have a reason why this happens. In the past I've gotten stressed out about it, and to make matters worse, I'd get stressed out about WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS HL? What is wrong with you? STOP IT. So basically I was resisting it on top of knowing intuitively that something was invading my energy. See #2 and #3 above.

I take on people's energy. It's a fact. There's nothing to disagree with or resist; resisting would be like me resisting the fact that I have curly hair and insisting it's straight then getting pissed when it continues to curl. It happens.  I have to take really good care of myself when it happens to get my energy back. He described exercise as one way to do that, because by focusing on your body you're able to channel your energy and get it back. You're back in your body. Meditation obviously does the same thing, which is maybe why I've been using the podcast so often the past few weeks. It's been awesome.

But the bigger picture is I've just learned something HUGE about myself, and wow, it's pretty illuminating.