I'm unsure of my hair. It's just hair. It'll grow back. I like it, it's just the bangs I think that I'm having trouble getting used to. They are super short and thick. Ay. They look better when they're fanned over to the side, which I can do.

It's been an draining week, for reasons I won't get into here, but suffice it to say I'm having a hard time not cramming brownies down my gullet. I had a harder time today restraining myself; yesterday was not so good as in WHEEE No restraint.

No matter how many times I do this, I forget how crappy I feel MENTALLY when I make unwise decisions with food. You know the drill with me; I crave the foods that are the worst to me. So here I am nursing a wicked ice cream hangover and feeling chic but definitely not sexy or feminine. Blargh. Also, I'm aware I'm wearing the same shirt today. I found my supplex leggings, which had been missing for a few weeks, so I felt cute-ish today, until I realized the leggings were cutting into me. Gah.

I'm going to focus on sleep, de-toxing and picking out super cute outfits this week. I hope that helps. Please god.


  1. You and you hair look fabulous. It's just the bad-food eating that is making you doubt it. Eat clean today. You will feel better and beautiful!

  2. My mom always taught me that when I wake up feeling crappy those are the days that I need to make sure I dress up, put make-up on and feel cute. Hang in there :)


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