Three things I recommend for you, because they simply rock. 

  1. JCrew cascading cardigan. The weight of a T-shirt, the style of so much more. I'm so in love with mine (navy) I might have to buy another. I'm guilty of buying the exact same thing in like 5 colors and then wondering why I get bored with my clothes. BUT STILL. YOU should go get one. 
  2. Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm. I picked it up at Nordstrom Rack for $7 in the Red Dahlia color. GO GET. It's moisturizing but way less waxy than the balm. PLUS you get color, so you don't have to alternate lipstick the balm all the livelong day like I do. 
  3. The book Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. Wondering why we get fat: the answer is carbs. Any diet works because you're ultimately restricting carbs, even if you're not doing the low-carb thing and get super pissy when I even talk about it. If you're not eating chocolate cake, beer and maybe having one sandwich instead of 3, then you're cutting your carbs. Cutting carbs is the key to staying thin. It doesn't matter if so-and-so can eat a whole pizza a day and not get fat. If you're overweight, it's an insulin issue, which means it's a carb issue. The end. 
  4. American Apparel Circle Scarf. Even if you live in a warm climate and are laughing at me suggesting a scarf in May (Northern California is cold, yo), go get one for next fall. It will become your woobie you will be so attached to it. I call mine my blankie and pick my outfits around it. For reals. I have the melange dark olive. Which reminds me of Solange, Beyonce's sister, and how I have a friend (who doesn't read this, thank god) who's mom is named Solange (she's French) and I think that is just unfortunate. I mean, she'll always have Beyonce's sister in her shadow! Quel horror! Also, I was whipped into a fine foam over what color to get, then went to the store and one of my top 3 contenders was sitting there just waiting for me. So don't kill yourself, unless you're ordering online and then you might need to make a pro/con chart, which I will be happy to review. 
Happy Friday. The big haircut is tomorrow, and if the world hasn't ended, I'll be back next week with some other updates including the fact that I may be a touch clairvoyant. 


  1. Oooh, i love that cardigan. Didn't even know you could by jcrew factory stuff online. Cool.

    I also love me a good circle scarf. I have one from the LOFT that I adore. Happy haircutting!

  2. Thanks! I'll post pictures Sunday!

  3. You make me smile.

  4. Great recommendations! I love tinted lip balm. I will have to check out the Burt's Bees. I really like Bobbie Brown's tinted lip balm in brown. But it is more than twice the price! You know what's funny? I have a really big beautiful scarf like the circle scarf that I got on etsy that now that I think of it, I bought because I was inspired by a yellowish scarf you were wearing (for real!) in a photo you posted...the one in which you had the 'help' from your stylist friend. Do you remember those photos? One photo was you in a black dress I think and the next was you in the same dress, but jazzed up with the scarf. I remember it inspired me to get this fantastic scarf. This is the scarf I bought:

    Have fun getting the haircut!! Yay you.


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