I have completed 6 full strength training workouts without 1. overdoing it 2. beating myself up 3. being incredibly sore and discouraged. 

I'm really proud of myself. Sure, it was humbling listening to my (female) co-worker talk about being sore from squatting 115 (and she's not a body builder). I'm squatting 10, and am slightly sore from it. But I kept telling myself, respect where I am. Respect where I am, and not worry about where I should be or where I'd rather be or where anyone else is. This is where I am. I'm lifting the heaviest weights that I can right now, and what matters more is being consistent and accepting where I am. 

And that particular sentiment has been helpful to apply to other things in life this week. I'll say it again, I'm super proud of myself. 


  1. That is awesome- keep up the good work


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