Experiencing Pleasure

No, not that kind of pleasure. Get your mind out of the gutter. :) I read this recently and thought, hmm. Maybe I should be doing that more often. How could I carve that out? It's something that has come up in therapy: how do I dip my toes into something decadent once in a while? How can I cut back without my typical rules and guidelines for allowing myself said decadence?

This weekend I found it. I basked in the sun, enjoyed great food (without using it as a vehicle to check out but instead stay present) and more importantly, just soaked in as much love as I could. I got together with my oldest girlfriends in Napa, and to say that I needed a break, a CTRL+ALT+DEL is really an understatement. It was absolutely heavenly and so welcome. I can't say I've done anything lately that felt better.