Various and Asundry Updates (which I apparently spelled wrong)

  1. I'm not quite ready to proclaim victory on the latest very scary asthma attack, but I'm getting there. Turns out breathing = awesome. 
  2. It's Day 1 of the elimination diet. Wave your pom-poms for me, I'm working to regain my health! Exclamation points!!!  
  3. I have not worked out in 2 weeks and will not be working this week and am totally OK with it. 
  4. I may do some yoga this week, but not the insane 90 minute version, the 30 minute version. And closer to the end of the week (if at all) since I'm still hacking. And if I do it, it'll be for stress relief. 
I had something else to say but can't remember what it was.